Glenn Hauser logs March 13-14, 2021

Glenn Hauser

updated March 14 for DST season

updated March 14 for DST season

** CUBA. 11850, March 14 at 0057, RHC is S9+20 but very suptorted;
while Spanish on 11760 and 11670 is normally modulated if hummy.
Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** ERITREA. 7140 & 7180, March 14 at 0313, JBA carriers a smidgin
above each frequency but matching, and the higher one a tiny bit
stronger, both vs LSB QRhaM and storm noise: so obviously the Voice of
Broad Masses intruder pair (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NORTH AMERICA. 4030-AM, March 14 at 0300, JBA carrier vs storm
noise - tornados in TX panhandle approaching but better fizzle --
maybe a bit of musical modulation, gone by 0343 recheck. Bet it be a
pirate as no ex-kewss for any othersig here. Yup: Ball Smacker Radio
per several reports between 0158 and 0336* here:,79065.0.html
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2077 monitoring: confirmed Saturday March 13
starting at 2044.2 UT on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, MO, as heard near-locally by
KB0FX KiwiSDR. From next week nominal time will be 1930v UT.

Also confirmed Sat Mar 13 at 2230 on WRMI 9955, fair via PL-880 here.
From next week this will be at 2130.

Also confirmed Sat Mar 13 at 2300 on WRMI 7780. S4-S5 and noisy via
KB0FX MO SDR but presumably better further east. Next:

Also confirmed UT Sun Mar 14 at 0418 about 6 minutes into so started
early circa 0412, S9+10 at KB0FX remote; at 0400 I had checked 1860
direct when it was S9+20/30 here vs storm crashes. From next week
nominal time for this will be 0315 UT. Next, with DST shifts:

2200vUT Sunday WBCQ 6160v Area 51 to WSW [ex-2300?]
2300 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to NE [new]
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7730 to WNW
0230 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to NE, 5800 to SSE
1901 UT Monday IRRS 7290 Bulgaria to WNW, 594-Italy
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW [ex-2200]
2200 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE [ex-2300]
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

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contribution via PayPal to woradio at - not necessarily in
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One may also contribute via MO or check in US funds on a US bank to:
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** U S A. 7570, Sat Mar 13 at 2300-2400, Radio Tumbril, Scotland with
`Encore` classical music via WRMI. VG via KB0FX KiwiSDR; also repeated
after 0100 UT Sun Mar 14 on WRMI 5850. Host Brice Avery says the next
WRMI airing, UT Mon on 5950 due to DST will be one hour earlier from
March 15, at 02-03 UT instead of 03-04 due to DST.

Yes, per the skeds at
these Systems make a DST shift: B = 9955; G = 9395 between 5 and 11?
pm EST/EDT, joined by 9455 at 8-9 pm; and L = 5950 at 4-12 pm EST/EDT
except 6-7 pm on 7570 instead; but the label got it backwards. All the
other Systems are supposed to stick to UT.

Different frequencies take different System feeds depending on the
time. While this may make sense in some way, it would also be very
helpful to listeners if there were ALSO full program schedules
presented frequency by frequency -- not just the transmission skeds at
top of page (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5950, UT Sun March 14 at 0200, Texas Radio SW via WRMI, as
heard VG via KB0FX KiwiSDR in MO: starts with seabirds, a different
jazzed-up version of `YROT` theme, Third Mate Sudan introduxion of
another TX mx tribute, offers QSL, also Can`n Ric. Some words are
skipping as I listen, but does not affect the songs later, by Dana
Maria whose real voice speaks from Frankfurt, Germany but originally
from Austin. She introduces three songs at a time along with TRSW
synthIDs; such as 0223 Trip Down Memory Lane; 0234 Wheelbarrow. Such
tunes are not really appealing to me, but I wish her well.

Maybe TRSW could eventually diversify. The wind band at University of
North Texas, Denton, comes to mind, not strictly classical:
They also have some stuff on YouTube that can be searched out. Its own
radio station callsign is not what you might expect.

As for TRSW on WRMI, their sked grid now shows two airings, as shifted
henceforth due to the imposition of DST on 5950 System L: UT Sunday at
01-02 and will stay an hour earlier than `Weekend Radio` on WCLV; and
Monday at 20-21 UT --- which is a bit early in the day for 6 MHz band
to go very far, 4+ hours before sunset (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. (5085), UT Sun Mar 14 at 0116, WTWW-2 webcast avoiding
crummy audio on its SW, in stereo, `Theater Organ Under the Arch`
caught from the beginning and this time lasting exactly 30 minutes
until a Tedad at 0146. Bob Heil presenting more archive recordings
including his own but starting with Gene Wright. Annoying just before
it started was the WTWW ID mistreating our National Anthem as if it
were produxion music with just a few seconds of it. Presumably this
will all appear one real UT hour earlier from next week as WTWW is yet
another ``international`` SW station succumbing to intranational,
irrational DST (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. CBS SUNDAY MORNING, online access seems to change every
week. On Sat Mar 13 I`m ready to view the Sun Mar 7 edition via
but inexplicably the top link is not to March 7, but December 27! It`s
62 minutes so presumably the whole thing, just the wrong week, wrong
month, wrong year.

However, beneath it are linx to ten individual segments of March 7
which don`t quite add up to 62 minutes: missing are the opener, and
the closer, nature segment. Later I do find the latter further down
and it`s a hefty 3:23 long featuring baboons. On the broadcast it is
always much shorter, obviously used only as a filler to round out the
sesquihour as needed.

So I have to play each segment individually and put up with 3 or 4
different 15- to 30-second duplicative commercials rotating first;
when each segment finishes it always defaults to whatever is on the
current CBSN live stream, so have to keep backing up to the SM home
page. Enough of this nonsense: back to taping it myself off KWTV at
too early 8 am [now 13 UT] Sundays, and going to the web only in an
emergency (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 1090, March 14 at 0458 UT tune-in for WENR Englewood TN much
publicized 1000-watt ND daytimer DX test, and already hear sweeps
upward. Must use LSB to avoid KRLD 1080 IBOC noise circa 1093, but
cannot avoid the major occupant of 1090, KAAY Little Rock. I do record
it as required for QSL and will eventually get around to sending
report, but I will not subject myself to more than 9 minutes of KAAY
inevitable gospel huxter. Test will run two hours until 0700.

At 0500 solid tone, 1 kHz? Pause maybe unreadable voice ID? Never
copied one. 0502 sweeps upward. 0503:45 steady tone. 0504:10 VVV VVV
DE WENR - there may have been a bit more in the code ID, thought I
copied MER; sweeps up again. 0506 code again, is it faster, and/or
higher-pitched? 0507 phone-off-hook pulses JBA; 0508 code again
including WENR and sweeps again, tune-out by 0509 UT. On my R75 with
100` E-W longwire. Of course from this angle, no way to null KAAY on
the DX-398, almost same direxion. 1210 km = 752 statute miles.
Englewood is between Chattanooga and Knoxville. Heavy storms west of
here earlier this evening not a problem now for this.

Tnx for the test; should be widely heard. This is the same station
which was originally going to try a daytime DX test just before
sign-off, 2200-2315* UT on Sat Feb 27, but that was canceled; why?
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0539 UT March 14