[ptsw] Receiver reviews


Hi Denny: Allow me to begin with a simple statement. You can't go wrong with
any of the mentioned receivers. While both Drakes mentioned are digital and
the FRoG is analog, all are highly reputable radios with great followings.
Price wise, you'll probably find the FRoG to be the least expensive,
followed by the SW-2. The SW-8 has three versions, I think, and the most
recent is the most desirable to some. You can find out a bit more on this at
www.DXing.com Which ever radio you choose, I'm certain that you'll be happy
with it. Good listening: theboyd

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Hi Group,
Anyone have any thoughts or personal ratings for the following 3

Drake SW-2
Drake SW-8
Yaesu FRG-7

I am looking to upgrade my home listening set up.
Thank you. Denny Dollahon.