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Good suggestion.I myself use a 100 foot coaxial antenna streched between a tree and an old pole and hoisted the leadin on a lower pole and ran it into the arial on my Sangean radio.73's.
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Hi Kevin: Sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but any inside antenna is
subject to household noise. Dimmers, timers, florescent fixtures, cheep
Chinese VCRs are all possible sources of noise. If you live in a
multi-dwelling unit, then the neighbor's "stuff" can affect your reception.
If at all possible, get the antenna outside and away from the house. Also,
you'll notice an improvement if you have your antenna joined to a coaxial
cable via a 9:1 balun at the far end and then run the coax under ground up
to the side of your house where it will enter your home's listening area.
Have an 8 foot ground rod at the far end and connect the primary side of the
balun to it as well as the outer shield of the coax. Most import -
Disconnect your antenna from your radio when not in use, and ground this
connector. Hope this helps you rid yourself of some static. Good listening:

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I made myself an indoor antenna. 34 ft copper wire, with an attachment
to the radio via the wire port on the back of the unit. Whats the best
way to get rid of the static? Do I need to purchase anything else to
rid or control the static? Would an Aligator clip to the units main
antenna work? And does the ground wire need to be a certain length?
Chef Kevin on Baffin Island.