[ptsw] Re: Antennas or New Radio?

Glenn Hauser

Welcome back. There is a yahoogroup devoted to the FRG-7. 73, Glenn Hauser

--- Denny Dollahon <ddollahon@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Group,
I just joined and have returned to shortwave listening after about 10
years away. My home radio is a Yaesu FRG-7 and travel radio a Sony ICF-
2010. Anyone in the group have any experience with the FRG-7?
Denny Dollahon.

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brainman214@netzero.com <brainman214@...>

Hi Glenn:
Glad to hear from you again! I downloaded WOR 1375 and will put 1376 on cd soon and lay it back on my new stereo! Due to the lower sunspot numbers,i have problems pulling in LRA36 using a 100 ft.coax outside my bedroom window overlooking my steep driveway here. When time permits,i'll check WWV for signal testing before scanning the bands! Thanks for your Valuable and useful information over a span of nearly 30 years! You are at the top of the list! 73's from Warm Tennessee!
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brainman214@netzero.com <brainman214@...>

it's been long overdue and delighted you are back! Several changes have taken place since ten years ago.The Berlin wall fell,The USSR collapsed,Democracy took shape in many nations and new countries established from other ones.
The former Yugo slavia is now Serbia!
South africa is still on shortwave but hard to hear here.Isreal almost completely left shortwave,and Japan curtailed thier sked to half hours from only RCI Sackville.
And The Tropical bands may be somewhat vacant but around 23:00 some stations are on,including Columibia,Ecuador,china,others.,even ABC Perth may still be there on 3 MHz.!
Once again,welcome back.I've been at it since 1976.73's to you
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