[ptsw] Radio Filia [more]

Glenn Hauser

I`ve rarely if ever heard this due to the timing, but I seem to recall that R.
Filia relies on relays of foreign stations, such as the BBC, as the service is
really intended for an audience inside Greece. I know they have done so in
other languages. Could this ``good English pronunciation and quality
reporting`` really have been a BBC relay? 73, Glenn Hauser

--- Glenn Hauser <> wrote:

English is now at 0600-0700 on 11645. 73, Glenn Hauser

--- gcerow <> wrote:

Radio Filia used to have a very good news service. Good English
pronunciation and quality reporting. Unable to receive 11645 khz
transmission at 0930 utc. Also Webbsite did not handshake.

Would appreciate status update.

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Not sure but can you provide the site url? 73's! Noble

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