Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California

Stewart MacKenzie

CZECH Radio Praga 9870 0318 English 333 Aug
9 OM with comments plus some piano music. A YL with
comments. //7345 [232] MacKenzie-CA.

ENGLAND BBCWS 9915 0315 Arabic 333 Aug 9 OM
with comments along with a YL. MacKenzie-CA.

GERMANY Voice of Croatia Relay 9925 0310
Croatian 333 Aug 9 Two OMs with comments. Music
interlude with an OM ancr. MacKenzie-CA.

GREECE Foni Tis Helladas 9420 0354 Greek 333
Aug 9 YL ancr with pop music. MacKenzie-CA.

MOROCCO Radio Farda Relay 9865 0323 Arabic 333
Aug 9 OM ancr with music vocals. OM with Radio Farda
ID at 0328. Continued with pop music vocals.

ROMANIA Radio Romania 9645 0343 English 333
Aug 9 Classical music plus some opera vocals. OM with
pop music by 0348. Mackenzie-CA.

RWANDA Voice of Germany Relay 9825 0333 German
444 Aug 9 OM with comments and ID at 0335.

VATICAN STATE Voice of Russia-VOR Relay 9860 0330
English 322 Aug 9 YL with comments. OM with
comments on Algeria. Was a very noist frequency.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
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