Re: Glenn Hauser logs May 25, 2021

Alan Gale

At 02:28 26/05/2021, you wrote:

Hi Glenn,

This file is very helpful, it lists most of the other HF Bands with beacons. There
are a few more that aren't listed, but it's fairly accurate:



28193, VE4ARM: see CANADA. I`m mainly interested in beacons, but quick
tunearound for other Es: 27555-USB at 2307 freebanders, also 27440. CB
AM pileups 27285 & 27025 full of hets at 2308. A few phone contacts on
10m: Traverse City mentioned on 28350-USB, from or to? Are there any
ham beacons on 18, 21, 24 MHz? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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