Glenn Hauser logs Sepember 3-4, 2019

Glenn Hauser

** BRAZIL. 11780, Sept 4 at 2057, Brazilian song at S5-S7, as RNA is
back here after a spell on 6180 as others have reported. There are
also reports that Bolsonaro wants to privatize EBC stations, which
would probably put an end to the SW service (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** CUBA. 6100, Sept 4 at 0623, RHC English, S9+20 but undermodulated,
better than JBA carrier on 6165; 6000 and 5040 off. Something`s always
wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 13700, Sept 4 at 1325, after resurgence yesterday, no FM spur
constellation from this RHC today. Something`s not wrong at RHC (Glenn

** JAPAN [non]. 15130, Sept 4 at 2055, algo JBA, virtually the OSOB.
Aoki/NDXC shows NHK in Japanese via FRANCE at 1900-2100.

11985, Sept 4 at 2059, French broadcast just ending. This one is NHK
via MADAGASCAR at 2030-2100 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1490, after open carrier/dead air since at least August
30, KMFS Guthrie is finally revived Sept 4 at 1755 UT with some
musical modulation, 1800 UT ID *only* as ``Son-Life Radio, WJFM, 88.5,
B√Ęton Rouge``, i.e.. flagship station of Jimmy Swaggart network, who
then starts gospelhuxtering (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1580, Sept 3 at 1830 UT, KOKB Blackwell is OFF, while
sibling 1020 KOKP Perry remains nominal; KOKB still off Sept 4 at
1755, 2105 UT: opens frequency for traces of two other groundwave
stations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1997 monitoring: confirmed
Wednesday September 4 at 2100 on WRMI 9955, after IS & ID loop. This
stopped at the end of a cycle right at 2100:00, but WOR playout not
cut on until 2100:03 when I have already reached ``---1997``, my first
eight words upcut, as WRMI automation continues to be out of
synchronization. S5-S8 anyway, much better than simulcast on WBCQ
7490.2, JBA in HNL, but confirmed L&C on webcast. Next:

Thu 0100 WRMI 7780 to NE
Full schedule:

** U S A. 9330, Sept 4 at 1355, JBA signal presumed WBCQ relaying NOAA
Weather Radio from Daytona, but too weak to be sure. At 2103 it`s just
as bad but measured down to 9329.94. Will they pick up further NOAA`s
up the GA, SC, NC coasts? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. During a break in my high local line noise level affecting
MW as well as SW, at midday Sept 3, I decide to try something
different: MW bandscan at 1 kHz below each 10-kHz channel in USB, to
``hear the hets``. Even tho this is far from an ideal quiet location
and far from ideal equipment (R75 with 100` E-W longwire, meaning it`s
a bit deaf to the N/S, such as not hearing 820 WBAP), I listen for
frequencies with more than one carrier beating --- some of them very
slow, to slow, to medium, to fast --- and skipping those with no
signal or definitely only one signal. It would take a *lot* more time
to count the beats and calculate each SAH.

This indicates that there are remnants of groundwave from some
second-tier stations around here I seldom or never hear in the clear.
Of course, I am not interested in amassing station totals so am making
no such claims, just an exercise in monitoring and propagation. I will
include the most likely sources based on proximity, top station first.
Remember that we do have some of the highest inland ground
conductivity around here, in the 30s.

I do this between 1840 and 1903 UT Sept 3, i.e. just after local mean
noon always at 1832 UT, when there will be the *least* possibility of
MW skywave, especially now still in summer. Some frequencies with one
fairly strong semi-local seem to be wobbling; hard to be certain if
transmitter fault or receiver overload. As usual when tuning MW or LW
on this receiver, both Preamp 2 and Preamp 1 are OFF. But further ATT
is not engaged. And of course there is no DFing with the LW.

Quite possibly no other DX editor will wish to dedicate the space to
publish this, but here it is in my original log report, which took at
least twice as long afterwards to compile as to carry out.

Reference for current listings and callsigns: NRC AM Log 2019-2020.

1600, v? KUSH OK
1590, slow: KGVB KS, KWEY OK [closer but not aimed thisaway]
1580, fast, while KOKB OK is OFF!! That leaves KHGG AR, KGAF TX
1570, slow, KTUZ OK, KTAT OK, KBCV MO
1560, fast, KEBC OK, WMBH MO, KABI KS
1540, medium, KNGL KS, KZMP TX
1500, slow, KPGM OK, KJIM TX
1480, irr., KQAM KS, KNGO TX
1460, medium, KZUE OK, KKOY KS, KCLE TX
1450, medium, 3-way, KGFF OK, KSIW OK, KWHW OK, KQYX MO, KWBW KS
1430, medium-fast, KTBZ OK, KALV OK
1420, slow, KTJS OK, KJCK KS, KULY KS
1400, irregular, KWON OK, KREF OK
1350, fast, KMAN KS, KTLQ OK
1340, medium, KGHM OK, KJMU OK
1320, KCLI OK way off frequency
1310, medium, KYUL KS, KZRG MO
1280, slow 2.2 Hz, KSOK KS, KPRV OK
1270, show, KRXO OK, KSCB KS, KFLC TX
1260, fast, KWSH OK, KSGF MO
1250, fast, KYYS MO, KRRD AR
1240, medium, KFH KS, KADS OK
1220, very slow, KTLV OK, KCAX MO, KOFO KS
1190, medium, KFXR TX, KVSV KS
1150, fast, KSAL KS, KNED OK
1140, fast, KRMP OK, KLTK AR
1130, very fast, KLEY KS, KWKH LA
1090, medium, KEXS MO, KVOP TX
1070, KFTI KS way off frequency
1060, medium, KIJN TX, KBFL MO
1050, fast, KGTO OK, KXCA OK
1040, medium, KGGR TX, WHO IA, KGWA 960 OK spur
1030, medium-fast, 3-way, KFAY AR, KBUF KS, KCWJ MO
1010, medium, KTNZ TX, KIND KS
990, medium, KFCD TX, KRSL KS
940, medium, KIXZ TX, KSWM MO
860, irregular, KKOW KS
790, fast, KURM AR, KXXX KS, KFYO TX
760, slow, KCCV KS, KDFD CO
710, slow, KGNC TX, KCMO MO
670, slow, KLTT CO, KHGZ AR, WSCR IL
660, medium, KSKY TX, KCRO NE
640, irregular, KWPN OK
570, very slow, WNAX SD, KLIF TX
560, fast, KWTO MO, KLZ CO
540, medium, KDFT TX, KWMT IA
(Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1060, Sept 4 at 0630 UT, romantic song in Spanish loops
WSW/ENE, fitting KIJN Farwell TX, the perpetually cheating 10 kW
daytimer; repeated lyric, ``Quiero estar contigo``, i.e. Jesus rather
than romantic, and 0633 UT KIJN ID (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

This report dispatched at 2325 UT Sept 4

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