PTSW changes

Daniel Sampson <dsampson@...>

Ernest Riley has agreed to take over the production of the Prime Time
Shortwave database and related files for B-07. I thank him very much
doing this.

This will allow me to put more time into the PTSW email list. With
change and expected more timely information I will be moving the
newsletter (email list) to Yahoo! Groups. Topica has been very
the past two years when it comes to the emails getting out on a
timely basis
or at all so the change has become necessary. I would recommend
to the new list as the one at Topica will remain for only a short
period of
time. Send a subscription email to
primetimeshortwave-subscribe@... A change to be made is
members will be able to post directly to the list but I will moderate
so only appropriate items make it to the list. The new email to post
is primetimeshortwave@...

Daniel Sampson

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