Re: [ptsw] Re: Antennas or New Radio?


Wow, was not expecting a email like this. Yes, my name
is Art and I was raised in California. However that is
were the similiarities end. I joined the Navy,
spending most of my time overseas and retired in 1993.
Then I moved to Nevada and settled down. I'm sorry to
hear that someone stoled your hat. Finally, I don't
know anyone by the name of James Arnett. I'm believe
you have confused me with someone else. However it
sounds like we could share a few stories and become
friends. This email has came through the PTSW group
which is a shortwave listening hobbyist group. You are
welcome to hang around a bit and check it out. By the
way, what is your name? Best Regards.

Art in Reno

--- "catlicks@..." <catlicks@...>

Art, I am trying to place you.
Are you my old Calif. movie stunt buddy? If you are
the hat you gave me you wore in the movie Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was stolen from me. Are
you still going over to James Arnett's ranch?
How did you find me if you are my old friend art?

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