Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California

Stewart MacKenzie

ASCENSION Radio Japan Relay-NHK 9655 2215
Japanese 333 Sept 30 YL and an OM with comments to
past 2250. //17825 [444]via Japan, 13680 [333]via
Japan, and 11910 [433]via Japan. MacKenzie-CA.

CHINA China Radio Intl-CRI 9815 2225 Chinese
333 Sept 30 OM ancr with choir music followed by YL
with comments with an OM. Anthem 2230 and comntinued
in Chinese by an OM.

GABON Afrique Numer Uno 9580 2210 French 333
Sept 30 Two OMs with comments. MacKenzie-CA.

JAPAN BBCWS Relay 11945 2253 Chinese and English
333 Sept 30 YL and OM with comments with some
comments in English by a YL. BBCWS ID by an OM at 2300
and continued in EE with a newscast. MacKenzie-CA.

RWANDA Voice of Germany Relay-DW 9775 2320
German 444 Sept 30 Two OMs with comments.

SYRIA Radio Damascus 12085 2305 Spanish 232
Sept 30 OM with comments fading in and out.

TAIWAN Radio Taiwan Intl-RTI 11635 2235 Chinese
333 Sept 30 YL and OM with comments and some music.
//11715 [333]. MacKenzie-CA.

VATICAN STATE Vatican Radio 11830 2245 333 Sept
30 IS and off the air at 2245. MacKenzie-CA.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

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