Re: [ptsw] Re: Antennas or New Radio?

james callaway <vetswlham@...>

im doing  just  great i now  live in around  elko  12 miles  north   off mountian city  hwy  i have 97.5 acares  of  lamd  two triple  wide  home's and  a  double  wide  just  off  the  forrest tow way road   and  retired  now  or  is  that  retareded   hi hi     what the  heck  are  you  to  this  day  any  old  how   and  were your  living  now    and  how  are  things  are  with  you  
your  brother  in christ   the  vet

for god so love the world that he gave his only begotten son
john 3:16

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