Re: Antennas or New Radio?

Kelly <Skofnung@...>

Sorry Noble,
That was actually the first time I had posted, even though I have been recieving group E-Mail since it switched to yahoo and before. I just haven't had time to read them all to keep up with the regular member posts. I will try to do better. Anyway, back to the subject.
I have a big V outside with coax running inside the house with a variable attenuator in line. I have noticed I can turn the signal all the way down and still get a little signal to the radio. The thing is that coax has a lot of shielding that is designed to filter out outside signals and keep the signal inside stay there.
The signal I was getting must have come from the little end on the coax.
Now using the shielding of the coax for an antenna is another matter...

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