I wonder if they just don't trust their employees with the chance to email all their listeners ?

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Dear Mike,

They apparently do not have a published e-mail address. (Is internet/e-mail even available in the DPR of Korea?) They do however have two FAX numbers: for Voice of Korea it is

+850 2 3814416

and, for the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications (which owns and operate the transmitter network of the DPR of Korea), it is

+850 2 3814418

and the director is Sung Su Ri.

You might be able to FAX them a report via your computer.

The information above is from the 2010 WRTH.

I hope this helps you.



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I get such a kick out of listening to RP every evening that I simply must contact them by email and see if they will send me a pennant.

however I can not find an email address for RP

has anyone contacted RP recently ??

if you miss one of the exciting parts of SW listening of the 70's and 80's then RP is a blast from the past !

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