Re: Antennas or New Radio?


The E5 is an excellent radio in its price range. I have two because
they are so good. this is in addition to the 100 other radios I have.

it sounds like your house has a lot of metal in the walls or the walls
are quite thick. you need to get some wire outside the house and get to
the radio. the antenna input jack attenuates the signal so you might
need to hook it up direct to the whip.

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I have an ETON E5 Shortwave Dual Conversion with SSB. For a portable
radio its pretty good outside, however at home next to the window not
so good. With the radio came a 30 foot wire antenna. How do I get the
best use from this wire antenna. Im new at the hobby and enjoy
listening to english broadcasts from abroad. I live on Baffin Island
Canadas North Arctic, the radios reception outside again is good, But
it is very cold now outside and would like to bring my new hobby
indoors. Any suggestions would be great, or should I purchase a
tabletop radio for indoors?

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