two questions regarding pitchtracking


hello everyone!

ok, i am a pitchtracker nerd. and i find the Yin-algorithm to be musical. but i keep coming back to Praat. the Pitch (ac) in particular. so called offline (non-realtime) analysis has several advantages i think.
now i am also a Midifreak, so two questions, for me related:

1. what would be the best way to convert a praat-generated spreadsheet-file to a Midi-file?
this file would include time, frequency and intensity/amplitude data.

the midi-file would have note-numbers (on/off), pitchbend and volume (cc7) data.

i know its a pretty simple task but Pure Data (just about my programming enviorment) is not the best choice for this kind of job.
i also put this question up on the Midi Association Forum. this idea would appeal to Midipeople, dont you think? there might be some versitile scripting language? like Praat?

all ideas appriciated!

2. in Praat you can synthesize a pitch or pitchtier-object to a pulsetrain, phonation/hum or a sinewave. would it be possible to have this action performed on a standard (saw, square) or arbitrary waveform inside Praat somehow?



Maybe my first question (about Midi) is hard to relate to. I am a composer and sounddesigner, not an academic, and I have been using Praat for 20 years, slowly developing my script abilities, while mostly working in other programs. As stated, I posted this question at the Midi association forum, but noone appeared to have a clue.
The second question (about arbitrary waveforms) is more straightforward, i think..