Studying the correlation between Personality & prosodic features

Sara Tepeš

Hello everyone,

I' am a psychologist student from Slovenia and I am working on my master's thesis where I would like to study the connection between Personality characteristics and the human voice.

I'm especially interested in the fundamental frequency (F0), F0 SD, intensity, shimmer and jitter factor and harmonic to noise ratio.

 I intend to use PRAAT, which I find very practical and simple to use, but I still do have some concerns since Phonetics and Speech analysis is not the area of my expertise.

My first question is if I can calculate measures mentioned above in connected speech? For example, can I calculate all the measures from the whole sentence: " Hello my name is...". PRAAT seems to be able to do that, but I am worried if the calculations are correct. And I was wondering why some researchers do this on sustained vowels.

And which of the many jitter and shimmer numbers should I take.

If anyone of you would have any suggestions on how should I design the test situation for the subjects, so the measures I get reflect the most natural speaking behaviour, that would be extremely helpful? 

Thank You