script needed

Justin Watkins <jw2@...>

Dear Praat-users,
Is anyone out there interested in writing a script to order?

I am doing work on phonation types in languages of South East Asia and have
simultaneous audio and laryngograph (EGG) recordings.
I want to derive closed quotient measurements from the laryngograph
recordings using a preferred algorithm and would like someone to help me
write a Praat script to perform it. The current project has a fast looming
deadline and the teaching term is about to begin, so I'm running out of time
to spend on self-tuition, much as I enjoy it!
If this is the type of challenge that would interent you or which sounds as
if it might be straightforward for you, then please get in touch - I'd be
massively grateful.


Justin Watkins

Dr Justin Watkins
Lecturer in Burmese
SOAS, London University
tel (020) 7898 4254
fax (020) 7898 4319