Praat users group is moving!


The praat users group is moving to a new home:

We have begun the migration process already. An account will be automatically created for you on, and you will be automatically added as a member of the new Praat Users List. Keep an eye out for a message with subject line "Welcome to" and follow the instructions in that email (you'll need to set a password when you log in the first time).

- Your subscription preferences (e.g., digest mode) should be preserved.

- Once your account is created, it is possible to change the email address associated with it without losing group membership, so you won't be tied to using an @yahoo or @ymail address going forward.

- Past messages and uploaded files will be preserved, so you'll still be able to search for and refer back to favorite message threads.

Because of the recent changes to Yahoo Groups policies, there is a bit of a queue for groups wanting to transfer to, so we don't know for sure how long the migration will take.  In the meantime you may continue to post questions here; if by chance your message comes in just *after* the migration occurs, you may need to post it again to the new group. We'll try to keep an eye out for such cases.

Thanks in advance for your patience through this process,

Dan McCloy, on behalf of

Daniel Hirst

Paul Boersma