editing sound+parameters+TextGrid


dear Praat Users and Creators,
Let's suppose that I have a system that delivers a set of parameters
synchronously with the speech signal;
let say labial aperture, protrusion and jaw opening. I want to store
these parameters in a praat file in order to be able
to edit in the same window the signal, an associated TextGrid and
parameters. Do I have to store
these parameters in 3 different "sound" files or I comply with the
format for short text files and I have some
way to have three curves superposed in different colours in a editing
window. Is this latter solution possible?
Moreover let's suppose that I do have also a lip contour for each
frame... Is that possible to plot a lip contour in another
window as I move a cusor in the signal just as for a spectrum slice?
Thank you in advance!

Gerard Bailly (bailly@...)
Institut de la Communication Parlee, UMR CNRS 5009
INPG/Universite Stendhal
46, av. Felix Viallet. 38031 GRENOBLE CEDEX. FRANCE
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