KlattGrid synthesis from GUI


We have been trying to use the klattgrid synthesizer via the GUI for use in a Phonetics class.  We would like students to be able to use this to synthesise words of their choice, but are not sure that all of them would be comfortable in the scripting environment.
We have successfully modified the "klattgrid from vowel" on the graphical user interface, but have been having problems with synthesis starting from the “Create Klattgrid” command.  The “klattgrid from vowel” option on the GUI allows us to modify the formant patterns, but is too restrictive because it does not allow us to generate fricatives with formants.  We wonder if this is because it is based on an oral formants-only klattgrid, not on one that includes frication formants. 
When we try to create a 2 formant vowel (or a fricative) using the Create Klattgrid...command on the GUI, it successfully generates the voicing source, but doesn't allow us to filter it. We are wondering if the problem has to do with setting the formant bandwidths.  We noted that we were able to synthesise vowels and fricatives successfully when using scripts, and that these scripts contain “Add (oral) formant bandwidth point” commands.  However, the GUI only lets us specify a bandwidth range, but not specific formant bandwidths.
Do you have any ideas about what we could do? 

Many thanks,
Alice Turk and Rebekka Puderbaugh, U. of Edinburgh

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