intensity manipulation

gjohnsg <gabriel.murray@...>

I am wondering about the most efficient way to adjust the intensity of
various sound files, using IntensityTier. Say you have many wav files
that will differ in intensity, some very loud and some very quiet, and
you want them all to be relatively equal in intensity. This is what I
have at the moment. It adds one point to the tier, and the intensity
is 70 dB minus the mean intensity. Is this an efficient way to do this?

select Sound one
To Intensity... 100 0 yes
intmean = Get mean... 0 0 energy

# we want all audio files around 70dB

diff = 70-intmean
tmax = Get end time

Create IntensityTier... empty 0 1
Add point... tmax diff
select Sound one
plus IntensityTier empty
Multiply... no

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