Locating harmonic peaks and valleys for vowel quality estimations


Could anybody help me write a script to locate the harmonic peaks and
valleys of a spectrum object?
I need to get the frequency values (and their energy values) of
harmonic peaks and valleys to estimate vowel qualities following two
Korean coronal fricatives. Off the top of my head, it would be
possible to track the sign (plus or minus) of the slope of two
successive points (n - (n-1)) on a spectrum object, and if it reaches
zero (or a minus-signed slope value) after a series of plus-signed
slope values, then we know the spectral envelope has reaches its
first (or n_th) harmonic peak. If the slope value reaches zero (or a
plus-signed slope value) after a series of minus-signed values, then
we know it hit the harmonic valley frequency. By using branching
codes, one for harmonic peak frequency tracking and the other for
harmonic valley frequency tracking, one could get all the frequencies
of peaks and valleys. Does it make sense? The biggest problem for
me is how I can get access to each element of a spectrum object. I
could write an R script that will allow me to do the things that I
just described on a series of spectrum objects extracted using Praat,
but it appears, from Paul's response on my band energy question
earlier, that there is a way to access each element of a spectrum
object. Could Paul or anybody help me with this problem? I'd
appreciate your responses.

Kyuchul Yoon
Linguistics Department
The Ohio State University

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