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This is an amateur radio group who are active with portable QRP operation during the winter months (late fall to early spring) during the weekend closest to the Full Moon, what we call Polar Bear Moonlight Madness. This is a "closed group" meaning that to view most of the content herein you need to be a member of the group. Anyone can be a member of this group without having a Polar Bear number. If you would like to participate in our activities such as Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Events and would like a Polar Bear Number to identify your white fur status please contact the site administrator. Issuing of a Polar Bear Number requires that you either have previously been or are now active within the spirit of the objectives of PBMME. New Polar Bear numbers may not be issued within three days of a scheduled event.

The club callsign is W3PBC, properly reclaimed effective 1/21/2014.

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