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Thanks for considering joining Pinky's Place. Here you will find all sorts of different PSP related things. Tubes & Graphics, Plugin's, Incredimail Tutorials and Stationery. We will try to help anyone needing it, if we can. 
We do not ask much of your stay here, but we are asking you to share something at least once a week. It can be a tube, graphic, plugin, or just a note to say HI. We send out seven tutorials a week,for the creators to do. We would love everyone to give it a try. Once you do you will see the joy in creating. I love to create Incredimail letters. Don't wait. 
Click Join now and start having some fun!
We are a G Rated Group Only! NO Goth or SAC graphics please.
We TRY our BEST to by Copy Right Compliant, by using liscensed material you can get the group glosed so please do not use or share purchased material through the group.
 1. No F5 shares allowed.
2. Don't share more than 3 snagged shares a day.
3. Limit Your Shares to 7 a day.

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