Beginning the clear-out...

Kevin McLemore

Hi, folks -

As many of you know, I've owned a few English cars over the years, and as such I've managed to accumulate a lot of odds and ends along the way. I've decided it's time to at least begin to clear things out, before I get too old to remember what it all is! In particular I have a LOT of Sprite and Mini stuff, some of it 'good used', and some of it is NOS, since I bought out the remains of a British car parts store after it folded in the late 1970's and they focused on BMC products. 

Having said that... I'm *NOT* looking to get inundated with a lot of "Do you have a..." questions -- frankly don't remember WHAT all I have. What I will do is try to offer members a few of the more rare items before I post them to fleaBay a week or so later. I'm not going to do this very often, as I've really not got time for a total sort-and-clear-out yet, and besides, I'm sure many of you don't want me using this list as a sales venue. However, I did think it fair to give my MG Club bubs a shot at the rarer stuff first. Hope that's OK with everyone?  If not, please do let me know... don't want to ruffle any feathers.

Anyway, the first two items I've pulled out are bulky but somewhat rare bits... I need the space back... my shop isn't that big!

Radiator - fits Sprites/Midgets with 950 and 1100cc motors and maybe some early 1275's.  It's in good shape and should work great - I pulled it myself from a known good car back in the 70's. Date coded 1964. $30 and it's yours. Link to gallery of photos:

Amco Rubber Floor Mat Kit - Box says it 'fits Sprite MK 2 & 3', but I'm pretty sure it will also fit Bugeyes and some later Sprites, as well as Midget MK I & II. It's brand new old stock, still nice and pliable. Would easily flatten out in the warm sun. The frame covers are bright and shiny. Comes complete, including the box, instructions and screw packet. A very rare piece of kit, particularly in red - you do see the black ones from time to time, but almost never with the frame covers. $60 and they're yours (the kit's worth a lot more). Link to gallery of photos:

If you want them, or want to haggle, just drop me an email at kmclemore at that hotmail dot com place.


Kevin McLemore