MGB parts FS (long post)


One of the MG e-mail listers on who happens to be local to Philly
has some stuff for 1962-1967 MGBs for sale.  If you are interested in
anything, please contact Kai directly.  Happy shopping!

Allen Hefner

- - - - - - - - - - -

Items have to go due to loss of storage space.  All items below are used

1    3 synchro, non-overdrive gearbox    $40
1    3.909:1 banjo differential, just diff    $35
1    exhaust manifold                           $15
1    intake manifold                              $15
1    windshield & frame                        $40
1    boot/trunk lid w/ lock (no key)         $20

more to come later, I have photos of the differential... all others I can
take photos upon request.  Diff is in very nice condition, gearbox is sound,
exhaust manifold as in condition taken off parts car (i.e.. surface rusted),
intake is same as is windshield and frame has good glass, boot/trunk lid is
good no dents or rust... but will need paint prep and paint.  Hopefully
items are cheap enough so that if you need it you buy it, all negotiable
within reason.

Pick-up only!!!  All items located in Bristol, PA USA.  215.269.3344 my
telephone number, usually available all day at this number until around 7pm
EST.  Email checked routinely, kmr@...

Probably some more parts to come, have yet to sort through them.

More below:
(many more parts added, prices amended... and decided I will ship some of
the parts... look for SHIP after part for applicable parts)

1    NEW AMCO convertible top top w/        $125    SHIP
        convertible top frame, early folding
1    18GB engine, long block, oiled, turns    $90
1    18GB bare block w/ main caps, oiled    $20
1    3 synch gearbox, non-OD                    $30
1    3.909:1 banjo differential, just diff        $35    SHIP
1    drive shaft                                           $10    SHIP
1    upper steering column                          $10    SHIP
1    carburettor heat shield                          $5    SHIP
1    battery box cover, surface rust                $5     SHIP
1    Front bumper, no rust, nice used            $20
1    Rear bumper, no rust, overriders dinged    $15
1    Wiper motor w/ tubes                                $15    SHIP
1    gearbox tunnel top cover                        $10    SHIP
1    gas tank fill tube w/ cap                        $10    SHIP
2    tail lamp bases                                    $2.50/ea    SHIP
2    metal dash vents                                $2.50/ea    SHIP
2    rear shocks                                        $10/ea    SHIP
1    pedal box assm, w/ cylinders            $25    SHIP
1    steerin column cowl pair, good            $10    SHIP
1    starter, CORE                                    $10    SHIP
1    generator, CORE                                $10     SHIP
1    intake manifold                                    $15    SHIP
1    exhaust manifold                                 $15    SHIP
1    passenger seat, for recovering                $20    SHIP
1    radiator, straight fins, no leaks                $25    SHIP
1    oil cooler, hoses cut                              $15    SHIP
1    windshield w/ frame, good glass            $40
1    boot/trunk lid w/ lock (no key)            $20
1    gas tank, good                                    $20    SHIP

Everything except the AMCO top is used, most everything listed is in good
condition unless listed as CORE... which is basically a core unit for
rebuilding.  Photos upon request of each part.  What doesn't sell goes in
the trash, by end of week.  Therefore prices are negotiable within reason.
Shipping is actual cost, and in addition to part price.

All items located in Bristol, PA USA 19056.  215.269.3344 my telephone
number, usually available all day at this number until around 7pm EST.
Email checked routinely, kmr@...