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If any one needs mg or tr on a sign come see me at my house. A TR just stop and got some

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I’ve changed my mind. Heading that way. Where or what landmark should I set my GPS for?

401-338-2647 if someone could kindly text. 

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Running a bit lte, should be there about 9:30. Sorry Ed.


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Be there or Be square!!!

PMGC vs DVT Fall Rallye

Meeting at 9:00am at the Valley Forge Visitors Center Parking Lot
Driver/Navigator Meeting 9:30am - First car off at 10:00

Kristi, Lambert, Stef, Chris and Larry will all be running this rallye in honor of Janet Lindbloom (Kristi & Stef’s Mom) who passed away in 2009 from ALS.  The ALS walk is also tomorrow and to honor our Mom we will be collecting donations for the ALS walk.  Any questions please contact Kristi at kliebel@...

Thanks and see you tomorrow!!


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