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Kevin McLemore

I'd like the do this for you, Lambert, but I will be traveling starting tonight.  What's your drop-dead date/time?

Kevin McLemore

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Hey All,

This is the last call for a member to give me a profile for this month’s Nuffield. I will be putting it together this week so please get it to me.

Do not respond to this email because it will go to the entire list, please send to LLiebel@... 

Hello Members of the Philadelphia MG Club,

As editor of the Nuffield News, I would like to start a new feature that introduces one current member to the club in more detail. If you would be interested in participating in this feature I would need you to send me an email with the following:

1.    Your name

2.    Your occupation

3.    Any family information you would like to share. (spouse, children, significant other)

4.    Your location

5.    Any MG’s currently owned, include year, color

6.    Any previously owned MG’s

7.    Any other British Cars owned current or previous

8.    Your MG story or any other information you would like to share

I would also like to have a picture of you. It is great to put a name with a face. This could include you and your family or you and your car(s) or you, your family and your car(s), whatever you would like.

You can either, write the article and send it to me or if you send me the information above I can construct the article.

Depending on the participation I may feature more than one person per edition so do not be discouraged if you do not make the first feature, I will keep all the information and use it throughout the year.

Thanks for helping to make the Nuffield News the best it can be.

Also if there are any articles that you have written and would like to have in this months issue please get them to me ASAP.



Nuffield News Editor

“Keep Calm and Safety Fast”

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