Re: Engine Quiting Probelm with My '78 MGB

Roger Searle

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Is coil hot to touch?  

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My long-time problem of the engine suddenly stopping seems to be getting worse.  Below is a description.  Any thoughts on a fix or trouble shooting will be appreciated.
- History of engine cutting out clean (no roughness) for several years.
- Typically happened once or twice a year (I drive about 2,500 miles a year).
- Seems to be getting more frequent – 4 times in last three outings.
- Engine can be immediately restarted if switch key off and back on.  But engine will not restart if key left on (i.e. coasting engaged in high gear with key on will not restart engine).
- Aftermarket electronic ignition – about 5 years old.
- New fuel pump 6 or 7 years ago.
- Original Zenith carb.
- Just installed new ignition relay with fresh spade lugs and car stopped within ¼ mile (But restarted).



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