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Lester Weinraub

Please skip my last message as I didn't see Dave's email.  If Dave decided not to buy let me know


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Jim, I'll take the hard top. 

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I have several items that belonged to my 70 B which I sold last week and the buyer did not want them. I have priced them to sell.
1. Stow a way frame and white top. They go together as the header on the top is specific to the stow a way top. Price is $100.00.
2. Bimini top. Great for car with stow a way top. but can work on any convertible. It takes 1 minute to set up and take down. Perfect for the really sunny days where you want shade but still feel out in the open. This is in great shape and not available anywhere. $200.00
3. Wind blocker $100.00
4. Hard top. After market and in good shape. Nice and warm for Fall, winter and Spring. $100.00

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