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Lester Weinraub



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Lester & the rest of the Club,

Registration begins at 9; Driver-Navigator meeting at 9:30; first car off at 10.
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What is the start/meeting time


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Great Question!

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Is there a restroom??

Asking for Theresa ;-)


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Club Members,
Please note the change of the start of this coming Sunday's rally. 

Turns out that It’s Nutts has become a very popular Sunday breakfast spot. We’re not welcome. I’m moving the start to the Washington’s Crossing Park parking lot off River Dr. in Titusville. It’s right next to the bridge from PA and between the canal and the river. We’ve started drives there before.

Dan Tinsman

On Oct 21, 2016, at 7:08 PM, Bob De Lucia <yukon80@...> wrote:

20 hours? Too long. LOL. 
Bill and Chip interested in checkpoints. Will cc them on this.
I will help at checkin and start, and finish.
Have awards, cones, Union Jack, anything else we need? 

No Morrisville, up at the cabin in the Poconos. Let me know how it is. Seems like a nice little club.

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Bob De Lucia

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Hey Bob,
I have a route that,s 61 miles and takes about 20hours if you know where you’re going. It ends at the Ship Inn.  I think I do want to put one check point in the middle. Do you remember who was volunteering?  I’m planning on going to Morrisville tomorrow. Are you going?

Dan Tinsman

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