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 I can assist with registration and ballot counting.
Prez Ken

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I'll be in be in charge of the 50/50. You'll have to tell me what a Chinese Auction is.



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Hello Everyone,

We are quickly approaching that time of year when our club hosts the “Brits at The Village” Car Show. I know it seems far away but it will soon be upon us and we need to get working on it. The biggest part of a successful show is making sure that we have the volunteers to help in all facets of the show. Today I am asking for people to volunteer to take charge of one of the following areas, once we have a person in charge then we can work on getting others to volunteer to help in that area. I am looking for someone who would be in charge of:

1) Parking - getting others to help with parking, being there early to get the signs set up for each parking area, making sure people are posted to help the drivers park their cars.

2) Chinese Auction/ 50-50 - Setting up the auction table, Making sure the auction table is manned all day, getting people to sell tickets for the 50/50, keeping 50/50 and auction money separate. (Karen Schulte has been working already to get items for the auction)

3) Ballot Counting - decide on number of people needed, decide on time to start counting, organize the tallying of ballets in an organized fashion.

Please email me by Wednesday August 31st if you are interested in being the person in charge of any of these areas. If you have any questions please contact me.



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