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Steve Harding

Thank you for the little story and the pictures. That sculpture was also at grounds for sculpture when Susan and I were last there. It seems more appropriate where it is now. Enjoy your stay on the left coast. 

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Hi Ken and all,

Thanks again to Steve and Susan Harding for organizing
the June PMGC drive to tour the Grounds for Sculpture in

Trenton, NJ and expanding our cultural exposure to the arts.
Before that drive, we would not have been able to tell you
who Seward Johnson was or recognize his works.

This week, Mary and I are out in Southern California to attend

my nephew's wedding.  After landing in San Diego we started
our drive thru the city and ended up stopping at the USS Midway

on  the San Diego Bay only to find another very super-sized

Seward Johnson sculpture in the park next to the USS Midway

(see attached photos).

Thanks again for another PMGC angle from 3000 miles away
on the left coast......
Oh, sorry Steve, its not Marilyn, but the opportunity was there.
Jeff and Mary
'78 MGB

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