1978 MGB Engine Quits

Roger Searle

Over the past year I’ve had four instances of the engine quitting while driving.  If I wait minute or so, it restarts and runs fine for weeks or months.  Attempting an immediate restart when coasting to a stop never works.
Typically quitting happens within a few miles from the beginning of the drive and has never happened after more than 10 or 15 miles.  The last time it happened within two miles.  Also, I thought I heard a small backfire when it quit.  When it quits there is no bucking or loss of power, just a clean stop.
Aside from removal of the air pump and most of the emissions stuff and addition of modern electronic ignition, long before the problem started, the engine is stock.
I recently refurbished the fuel vapor system and checked that all tubing was clear, tested the anti-run on value and tightened rubber tube claps.  The quitting predates this work and the most recent incident was after this work.
Does anyone have ideas on what needs fixing or how to diagnose?

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This is not correct. The GT will be held at the Metropolitan Diner in North Wales, PA at 8:00
PM on July 12th. 
 Prez Ken

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"GT at Phil's Tavern - 8PM on the Second Tuesday of the Month" reminder
Tuesday, 12 July 2016
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(GMT-04:00) Caracas
Phil's Tavern, Blue Bell
This is just behind the Broad Axe Inn at the corner of route 73 and Butler Pike. http://www.thephilstavern.com/directions.as
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