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Roger Searle


Here's a blurb you may want to include.  Though, I think it's mostly for late model Bs.

I'm finishing up refurbing the fuel vapor capture system in my 1978 B.  It hasn't be cleaned or charcoal renewed since the car was new.
The reason I'm doing it is the car quit a couple weeks ago with symptoms of fuel starvation.  The fuel system is airtight and if any of the
tubing or electric valves are blocked the vacuum from consuming fuel can overpower the fuel pump.

The activated charcoal cannisters are $77 each (two needed) from Moss Motors.  But, there is a video on the Internet on how to easily refresh them.
I bought activated charcoal and filter material from a pet store's acquarium isle and it worked great.  Nice savings.

This little project also inspired me to start cleaning up the engine bay.

- Roger -

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I am currently working on the newsletter. If you would like a report of any event (or anything else) please send it to me soon.
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