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Jim Schulte

I am all ears and eyes waiting to hear and see your results. 

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My son and I are the ones that made this available to the Philly MG and South Jersey Club lists.
As a former Electrical engineer I can tell you there is something we can do about it.
I have ordered a few film capacitors made for the electronics market that should be superior in every aspect
temp / AC & DC voltages and quality of construction.  I will try these out and let you know how they work out.
The most promising is one that looks like it will fit inside the distributor in place of the original crap part (it has a rating of .22 mfd / 105deg C /1000VDC)  Should be 10 times better and cost about $4.
I'll keep you posted, Nils

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This was Moss's Kelvin Dodd's response to the condenser problem.
Read below.

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Moss is well aware of condenser issues. They purchased a distributor machine to perform tests and have been working closely with Jeff Schlemmer of Advanced Distributors to check and maintain quality. It is currently an uphill battle though.


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Did the owner of this work send it to Moss?
Might be a good idea to do that.
Very interesting article.
Thanks for sharing it.
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Can anyone with the appropriate background comment on this. Seems important for those using point distributors.

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