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Lester Weinraub

Sounds like a great trip. Is it an AA trip or on MG trip 😀.  
Have fun and safety fast


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Thanks Lester,
Jim and I have the Bourbon Trail tour of which we are bus leaders...not sure who will be the designated one to check people back on the bus...haha Plus we go to a winery....
Just want to get there and back with little to no car trouble.
Should be a fun and full week.
Karen and Jim Schulte

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I will not be going to hellertown.  To those going to Louisville have a safe trip.  Don't stop at too many distilleries.��

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The kubanoffs will not be going. Although I am out of the boot i cant drive that long without everything starting to hurt.

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Hi all,

First - is anyone planning on going to Hellertown on Sunday?

Second - I know it is kinda last minute notice but for those going to Hellertown - is anyone interested in meeting at the Burger King on Rt 309 in Quakertown and creating a caravan to the show?

Not sure if or what car(s) we will be taking but we are planning on going on Sunday.


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