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Are you driving the GT?

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Thanks! Won't be the same without you guys. This might be our last all Marque show. Strange that we are the last of the original group that use to go to these from the club back to 2001. Always more fun with you guys.

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Jim and Karen,
Have a great time and safe travels. Please take lots of pictures so that we can get them posted on club website..... Oh and a write up of your trip would be welcomed for the July newsletter if you have the time!!!!

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Thanks Lester,
Jim and I have the Bourbon Trail tour of which we are bus leaders...not sure who will be the designated one to check people back on the bus...haha Plus we go to a winery....
Just want to get there and back with little to no car trouble.
Should be a fun and full week.
Karen and Jim Schulte

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I will not be going to hellertown.  To those going to Louisville have a safe trip.  Don't stop at too many distilleries.��

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The kubanoffs will not be going. Although I am out of the boot i cant drive that long without everything starting to hurt.

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Hi all,

First - is anyone planning on going to Hellertown on Sunday?

Second - I know it is kinda last minute notice but for those going to Hellertown - is anyone interested in meeting at the Burger King on Rt 309 in Quakertown and creating a caravan to the show?

Not sure if or what car(s) we will be taking but we are planning on going on Sunday.


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