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Jim Schulte

So we now have 5 cars and 10 people. Grumpy, Steve, Gordon, Don, Jim Witte and Ed plus their significant other or friend.
Unless I hear from anyone else I will plan on a table for 10 at 12 noon at the Butcher and Barkeep. Thanks all that responded either by email or phone that they are coming. I love it when a plan comes together. Now if you decide to come at the last minute because you got your chores done or your plans changed, no problem...better late then never.

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Lol thanks Don looking forwars to it!

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Dear Grumpy:  the Scholls plan on eating!

Don Scholl

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I love you guys but I really don't give a flying f### that you are NOT coming. I only care that you ARE coming on the drive. Reason: I need to decide how many seats to save at the B&B restaurant and weather we are actually going on the drive. Exception to that is Ken cause he had intended to go but his stinkin doctor won't give him permission. I have Steve, Gordon, and Don along with your lovely wives. Are you 6 planning to eat at B&B? Now is anyone else planning to come?

Grumpy Old Man

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Jim, et al.

We are not going to make this drive. We already had plans for the weekend. 

Next time.


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I need to know if anyone is planning on doing the drive this Sunday. Lunch at 12 if you want at the Butcher and the Barkeep Sumneytown Pike Route 63 (712 Main StreetHarleysville, PA 19438 Leave the parking lot at 1:20 pm with a 35 mile or so ride through Montgomery, Bucks and Berks County ending at Goody'z 637 Gravel Pike East Greenville, PA. Goody'z is an ice cream / hamburger 60's theme joint that car folks hang out. So eat at B & B and/or wait for Goody'z up to you. We will travel past a great trout stream, horse farms, old bridges, unique old cemetery and a beautiful park where we had our 2008 National MGB show. You can stop and enjoy the scenery at anytime or just drive straight to the ice cream. That's up to you.
Let me know here or text me at 2158021974. I want to know how many directions to run off. Hope you'll join us.

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