Re: Drive directions for Sunday

Don Scholl

That does not sound good!  Hope you can arrange a fix.

Don Scholl 

Don Scholl

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Hi Jim, 
Well with the news I got today from the doctor, I will not be able to make the drive on Sunday.

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Turn Road Miles Distance
left 63 West 0 Keep an eye out for antique gas station on left
right Gerryville  Pike 4.2 4.2 Post office on right bear right.
right Swamp Creek 4.4 0.2 First right, Unami Creek on your right
right Swamp Creek 4.7 0.3 Bear right over bridge at T watch for fishing birds
left Swamp  Creek 8.3 3.6 bear left to 1 lane bridge
right Swamp Creek 8.4 0.1 right at T in road
left Upper Ridge 9.6 1.2 left at stop sign
left Upper Ridge 10.4 0.8 left at stop sign
right E. Campbell 10.6 0.2 second right 
left Gerryville  Pike 12.1 1.5 left at stop sign careful this is busy
right Heppenville 13.3 0.9 bear right at Y
left Route 29 South 14.9 1.6 left at stop sign, careful, get in right lane at light
right Deep Creek 16.8 1.9 sharp turn watch speed. Good to stop for pictures.
right Layfield Road 21.2 4.4 at stop sign bear left. After 4.2 sharp right to stop.
right Hill Road 22.1 0.9 right turn 
left Swinging Bridge 23.6 1.5 left go easy
left Broom Stick 23.9 0.3 bear left go easy
left King Road 25.3 1.4 left at stop sign I think?
right Layfield Road 25.8 0.5 at stop sign go right 
left Knight Road 26.5 0.7 at light go left
right Church Road 26.8 0.3 first road on right, look at the view down hill
left Goshenhoppen Church RD 28.4 1.6 Great Cemetary, go around church to right.
left Church Road 28.7 0.3 end of church loop turn left onto Church rd. again.
left Peevy Road 29.9 1.2 left at 1 lane steel bridge
right Adams  Road 30.8 0.9 Stay on Adams through stops and bear right down hill
right Tollgate Road 32.3 1.5 at stop sign go right over modern bridge
right Route 29 South 33.1 0.8 at stop sign turn right, careful can be busy
left Goody's 35.2 2.1 Ice Cream, burgers, sandwiches
left Route 29 South Left To go to turnpike and or B & B. Right to route 100

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