Re: Wire wheels - Anyone know where I can get tires mounted?

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No, at the time I was living in north Jersey, and was not into MG's in the early 70's.

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I used to go to a guy in North Wales, right next to the train station. He did a good job and knew exactly what to do with a wire wheel. I have no idea if his shop is still there or not.


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Unfortunately, most tire places have no idea of how to properly install a tire with an inner tube.  There is a proper procedure that must be followed, like mount one side of tire then insert inner tube and inflate it to get rid of any wrinkles and then remove most of the air and then continue to mount the tire.  Then there is the mark on the tire indicating the heaviest side that should be positioned properly relative to valve stem.  Then when it comes to balancing the tires, no one has the proper equipment needed to properly do the job (except if you have newish Dayton wire wheels which can be balanced with normal cones that they should have)  I am in the process of having an adaptor make to balance wire wheels on the machines that most shops have today (involves modifying a spline hub and knock off to fit onto a 40mm tire balancing shaft)​  I am in Yardley PA and the only shop I have found in the PA/NJ area that has at least one older guy who knows how to do it properly is Tire City on Rt. 413 in Bristol PA that is family owned and has been in business since the 1950's

There is an alternative, you could send them to Hendrix Wire Wheels in NC  They really know how to mount and balance wire wheels right.

Regards, Nils

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I have one 14" wire wheel with tire just sitting my garage. Do you need it? Let me know..... BTW it may need some air which I understand is quite reasonable, ha ha!!!!

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I recently got a flat on my MG.  I have original 14 inch painted wire wheels.

A couple of months ago, I got new tires installed by Creamery Tire.  Two weeks after the install, I had a blowout at slow speed while out for the day.  I took the tire / wheel back to them and had it fixed.  I chalked this up to bad luck.

I now experienced a flat that occurred when I pulled out of my garage and onto the street (I do not know if it was flat before I started or went as I pulled out) and found I had a flat due to the way it drove.

This was an entirely different wheel / tube.

I don't necessarily think Creamery is bad, but I just wonder if going somewhere else would do the trick.

I live 5 minutes from the GT.  Is there anywhere close to me that can accommodate wire wheels?

As I understand it, they have to have an adaptor that will allow them to put the center hub (versus multiple bolts) on the machine.

I ordered the tube and a new rubber rim band from Moss, and it will arrive on Friday.

Please can anyone help me?




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