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Les - I will going to NJ Motorsports on Saturday as well. Looking forward to driving our cars on the track again this year. See you at McDonald's to meet up..........

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I plan on going to NJ Motorsports on Saturday.   I plan on caravaning and meeting at mcdonalds.
Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to make our show.  If things change I will help at registration and ballot counting. And yes I do take bribes.
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Dear Club Members,
Please bear with me, this may be a long e-mail.

This coming Saturday (the 22nd) the Club is planning to journey down to the New Jersey Motorsports Park (Millville, NJ) to watch Vintage Racing, especially the MG only race in the afternoon. How many from the Club are planning to attend? Also, how many are planning to meet me at the McDonalds in Broomall for a caravan down to the racetrack? Check your most recent newsletter for more details about the caravan.

The following Saturday (the 29th) you can attend either of two car shows and still accumulate MG Enthusiast of the Year Award points. You can attend the MGs of Baltimore's "MGs on the Rocks" British Car Show or the British Car Club of Lehigh Valley's "Autumn Leaf Festival" in Bethlehem, PA. I will be attending the "Autumn Leaf Festival" so will need someone to take attendance of Club members who attend the "Rocks" show. There will be a caravan to Bethlehem for the Show. Check your most recent newsletter for details about the caravan. If you need directions to the "Rocks" let me know and I will e-mail them to you.

On October 13th we will have our "Brits at the Village" British Car & Bike Show" in Lahaska, PA. We need volunteers to help with the Show in various ways. If you are planning to attend - and why wouldn't you - please e-mail me with your availability and I'll find you a job during the Show. Some jobs I know we do need help with are Show Field help, Registration Table help, and Ballot Counting.

In November we have two events - the British Car Swap Meet at Pete Cosmides' shop, Motorcar Garage, in Moorestown, NJ, on the 3rd. I failed to mention that the event is a fair weather event only, so if it's raining or (God forbid) snowing, don't show up. Check your most recent newsletter for details about the Swap Meet.

The next day (the 4th) we will journey to Willow Grove to the Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum. Check your most recent newsletter (yes, I'm repeating myself again) for details about the event and the meeting place.

Finally (aren't you happy to hear that) we have decided to combine the Holiday Luncheon and the MG Enthusiast of the Year Award Luncheon. I would like a volunteer to set up the Luncheon. I think the Whip Tavern would be a good restaurant to look into, as it is a British Pub. We normally have the Luncheon the first Sunday in December. Volunteers should contact me via this e-mail or by phone: 610-275-7960. That should do it for now,

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