Holiday mixed beer case

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everyone. For a number of years I have been involved with a bunch of guys who get a pile of beer and everyone gets 24 different bottles in a mixed case.
After many years the guy who was running the case moved to Florida so I have taken up the mantle of keeping the fun going. Some of you have had cases in the past. They are a lot of fun and make great Christmas gifts for your beer drinking relatives or ever for yourself..
I am extending the offer to everyone in the club who wants a case. Just let me know how many you want.The price is $40 per case and if we can get the price down you might even get a small refund. We will be doing the sort in Dec 10th so I will have the cases after that. If you want to help sort feel free to come over to my house and we always have a tasting of something during the sort.
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Bottoms up

Ed Emery

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