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OK which Pete Townsend?? Or should I ask WHO is Pete Townsend??


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I found this interesting and thought I'd share it. It's an excerpt from MG
2001 Gaydon article found on the the website:

Among the many visitors to MG 2001 was Pete Townsend who had just returned
from the 'Britain to Bosnia Challenge 2001' a fund raising trip. A chance
conversation in the pub and bet from a member of the Land-Rover club lead Pete
to agree to take his MGB along with twenty four Land-Rovers on a drive to
Bosnia and back. The money raised was in support of the Mines Awareness Group,
a charity dedicated to mine clearance in war zones. Pete's MGB completed the
trip without any problems despite two of the Land-Rovers failing to make it
back. Well done Pete.

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