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My interior is black. I'll sell you the whole panel kit for $50.00 and throw
in the door cap chrome pieces for no extra charge. The panels are in good
shaped. The rear one, has been cut up to fit 6X9's. Let me know.

Joe Maggiore

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Oh yea, I also need some trim pieces, like the little chrome caps that go
the rear of the door opening, and the door panels, and the panels that go
under the door.


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Attention all club members:

I am parting out my 1973 MG Midget starting this weekend and am giving
members first shot at the parts. Please email me for any parts requests
and I
will email you price and availability. Currently, I have the whole car,
parts are sure to go quickly. Below you'll see a description of the car
it was recently listed on ebay but didn't meet the reserve.

Joe Maggiore

First the violin story. This is 1973 MG Midget that was recently
(always garaged since restoration) and then rear ended just days after a
engine rebuild and new clutch: The car was totaled by the insurance
company -
I have the Salvage title only. I did not have the heart to see it sent
to a
yard and rot away since everything was right on this car. Here's a
chance of a
lifetime to get all the restoration parts in one shot - I used NOS
possible and have all receipts to prove it. I have over $10,000 invested
this car. The car is driveable, but the unibody is bent slightly on the
floor and buckled behind the trunk - thus I must sell it as a parts car.
good news is that the rest of the car appears untouched. Here's a
of what has been done to the Midget in the past year: Passed PA
just a couple of months ago and is still current. Newly rebuilt engine
three-piece clutch - engine has 70+ lbs of pressure when starting and
driven for hours without a problem (remember it was JUST rebuilt - so I
haven't driven it for more than a weekend with the fresh rebuild). The
never smoked, overheated or had serious problems even before the
Transmission is in excellent condition. New front Fenders, Hood, quarter
panel, fan shroud - any rust (though minor) repaired correctly -
underside of
car was fine before restoration and did not need any repair. Rebuilt SU
carburetors and new SU fuel pump. Gas tank slushed and re-etched. All
suspension bushings, rebuilt front shocks and outer tie rods. New front
brake lines and rear brake hardware. All wiring and electrical repaired
replaced, new coil, wires, spark plugs, etc. Dashboard - perfect
condition -
not one crack! New carpet Recent top - clear window, no tears All new
including hardware. Recently re-chromed front bumper and NOS
bumperettes. New
tires and trim rings. All new rubbers seals - door, trunk, lights,
(including windshield seal). Rebuilt speedometer. New chrome trim:
door sill, MIDGET lettering, grill surrounds, wiper bezels, etc. Plus
many more miscellaneous parts replaced. Look at the pictures and see for
yourself. Best of luck. Please save this car!!


Larry Macy
78 Midget

Keep your top down and your chin up.

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