Re: How 2022 begins for me!

Lambert Liebel

HI Karen,

I sent the December Nuffield out a little late, the January one will come out at the end of the month.


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Did you send out a January Nuffield newsletter?
Karen Schulte

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John Twist's January MG Tech Zoom
Postponed until Monday, Jan 17, 2022

All the Christmas and New Year's cards pray for a better year than 2021. Mine New Year started GREAT but I've been laid low by some considerable cranial discomfort. I'm sure I'll be better by next week!

The Michigan winter is not quite the ice and snow of "Dr Zhivago" but some days it comes close. Thursday I spent two hours behind the snow blower; Friday only one. If you're in warmer climes, rejoice!

1° Fahrenheit is - 17° Centigrade. Have you ensured your antifreeze is protecting your MG?

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