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Kevin McLemore

Well, it's an adventure, anyway! 😁 I'm glad you were able to resolve things - sounds like Winnebago has a lot to answer forin terms of quality - and that you're having some fun.  I hope the rest of the trip is less 'eventful' and more 'enjoyable'!  Stay safe.


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Hello All,

Many of you have asked that we keep you updated on our family travels this summer, so with one week under our belt I thought I would send out a quick email. Well, after a bunch of issues getting our RV back after the tire blow out, we finally got it back (on Saturday, 6/19) and packed. We left last Tuesday (6/22) and had a great ride to our first stop over out in western PA. Then on Wednesday we headed for Kings Island Amusement Park to surprise the kids. We got into the campsite and when we got out of the truck to check if we were level Kristi noticed that our underbelly had fallen as we were driving. We were lucky as it had not ripped totally off and it was all still there in a manner of speaking. BUT we did not have the supplies or the tools to fix it. Since it was our first day in, we wanted to get the kids to the park and show them their surprise. They were excited so we spent a few hours at the park.

To top everything else off on Friday morning the campground lost power for about 1.5 hours.  For the next two days I spent 2 to 4 hours on the phone trying to find a dealer or mobile RV tech to come out and help and talking with Winnebago. After calling over 12 people and finding either no one that could help or having over half of them not call back (but today 1 of them finally called 😂), Kristi and I decided to fix it ourselves. We went to Lowes on Friday after leaving the park, picked up some supplies, including the tools needed and spent 4 hours on Saturday morning fixing the underbelly. As we did, we noticed that one of the repairs that they RV place did for us were coming apart.  We have not made that call yet but it is going to prove to be interesting. Sunday came and we had to get out of dodge.

Now we were fixed and improved and off we went to bring the kids to their second surprise. Around St. Louis we stopped for the night at a horse farm. This worked out great because they had electric we could pay for and there were thunderstorms that were rolling in and were expected all night long so we were able to run the air conditioner so that we could sleep (the RV was 86 degrees before the air conditioner went on). We left St. Louis this morning and began our drive to KC. About half way there it started to rain and rain and rain.  We arrived at our second location, another amusement park called Worlds of Fun. Well it was not so fun in the rain, but after we got the RV set up we headed to the park despite the rain. While in the park we realized that this is the first time Kristi and I had ever done an amusement park in the rain. We had some issues when we first got in - due to staffing shortages half the food places were closed and our drink pass was not working correctly. But we got that corrected and got to ride some rides. After about 3 hours it stopped raining and they started opening more rides. Unfortunately, due to the staff shortage the park is closed for the next two days which really screwed us but there was nothing we could do about. Now we are back from the park and I am emailing you all. Hope your summer is going well and please enjoy your MG’s (or your Healey’s).

Lambert And Kristi

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