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Hey Lambert,

Hope all is well!! If you are still searching for someone to cover breakfast club coordination, I would be interested in learning more about what all is entailed in the required tasks. Due to past schedule conflicts, I have not been able to attend a breakfast session and am not familiar with the sequence of events. However I am willing to learn. If you are still on the hunt please let me know what is required so I can determine my availability to help support.

I imagine that you are getting ready for the big camping trip, safe travels and catch up soon.

Best regards,


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Hello Everyone,

The Breakfast Club will be meeting this Saturday at 9 am at Evansburg State Park Pavillion A again. Please come out and join us. Remember this is a BYOB event (bring your own BREAKFAST). Also looking for someone to coordinate the next two meetings in July and August.

Hope to see you there,


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