53 MG-TD - Fuel Tank Issue

Robert Palac

Hi fellow MG enthusiast;

My name is Bob Palac an am one year new to the club. I have a 1952 MG-TD that I purchased in late 2019. When I purchased the car it was not running due to a fuel issue. The owner stated that the car had a full renovation in 1992 and the tank was sent out to be sealed. (he does not have any records or paperwork)  We assumed the car did not run due to old ethanol that had gummed up. We drained the fuel and carbs. The fuel was a dark honey brown color and the carbs were glued with the stale fuel that formed a sticky sludge. We flushed the lines and pulled the carbs down and rebuilt them. As a precaution my buddy Skip installed a marine fuel filter ahead of the carburetors to catch any remaining sludge or foreign material. – RAN GOOD____ for a while.


Yep as the summer went on I developed carb issues and it often broke down. (fortunately we never ventured far from the neighborhood).


So my buddy installed a marine filter in line ahead of the carbs. Yes, It was compromised with silt. (see pictures)


After doing a lot of research and reading I have seen there are many gas tank sealers and that the early sealers DO NOT hold up to ethanol. I read so many varied suggestions as to either use a sealer, have it boiled, don’t have it boiled because the sealer won’t adhere to the surface, replace the tank and be done with t….. etc.


I am interested to here other input and or experience. (I was leaning toward a two part epoxy tank sealer) --  (many others that I have read as recommended are: KBS Coatings 52050, KBS Coatings 53000, CASWELL, PUR-15 and KREEM


Any input is appreciated.

Thank You,

Bob Palac

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